How We Got Here

  1. The Hotel in Kampala

    March 2018
    Las Vegas Garden Hotel, Bunga opened with just 10 rooms.

    Aug 2021
    The Las Vegas Garden Hotel in Bunga has opened a new wing for its guests. The expansion boasts a large reception area, a lounge, a VIP pool at the health care center, a rooftop terrace, a serene forest garden, and an African Bar, among other top-notch facilities. We are excited to welcome our guests and offer them an enhanced experience with our new amenities that are designed for their comfort.

    Aug 2023
    Las Vegas Garden Hotel, Mbarara, with more than 20 rooms and featuring the signature world-class amenities synonymous with Las Vegas Garden Hotels, is opened to welcome guests. The inaugural event held at our new hotel is the Rotary and Rotaract 98th DISCON.

A place where luxury lives

Our hotels boast strikingly modern architecture, setting them apart as architectural gems in their respective locations. Each distinct property showcases innovative design elements that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.

You’ll find sleek lines, cutting-edge materials, and thoughtfully designed spaces that create an atmosphere of contemporary luxury. Our commitment to design ensures that your stay with us is not just comfortable but also visually inspiring.

Whether you’re seeking a sophisticated urban retreat or a serene countryside escape, our hotels offer a harmonious fusion of style and substance. Come experience the epitome of modern hospitality.

Our Locations


Las Vegas Garden Hotel Kampala is a luxurious hotel tucked in the serene environment of Bunga-Kawuku. Its location is ideal for easy access to the city centre and ensures the convenient experience and participation in Uganda’s culture and business life.


Discover a world of luxury at Las Vegas Garden Hotel Mbarara, our prestigious 5-star escape nestled amidst acres of meticulously manicured gardens, gracefully perched atop the rolling green hills of Mbarara.

Ideally located along the Mbarara Bypass, near the Mbarara-Bushenyi roundabout, we serve as the gateway to the varied tourist attractions of western Uganda. Our lush, verdant surroundings provide breathtaking views of the idyllic hills in the land of milk and honey. With our strategic location, you’ll enjoy effortless access to the vibrant central business area of the city.

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